Wednesday, 6 October 2010



Meet the most recent addition to my collection of students. I have a total of 14 students in 8 groups. Five male, nine female. Seven in their 20's, one in his 30's, four in their 40's and two in their 50's. Although I always call them by their proper names, most of them have names that translate easily into English. Adrian, two Charles', Lewis, Cynthia, Mary Helen, Lilly, Karen and Alexander. Diana looks easy on paper, but I do sometimes accidentally use the English pronunciation. I'm not sure about English versions of Iliana, Araceli or Efrain. But Victoria is easily the simplest of the bunch to get right.

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  1. Juliana and Ephram are the closest I can imagine to Iliana and Efrain. She looks very comfortable in that photo!