Monday, 27 September 2010



The life of a street dog, abandoned and unwanted, is usually tough. There are some right mangy old hounds wandering the streets of Mexico City, with their rib cages visible through lack of food. This is not the case with Hobo, however.

Hobo goes by many names. Hobo is the one we use. Hobi, sometimes, because she isn't a he. Negra, Negrita and Sasha are other names. She's lived out in the communal cap park since she was a pup, but fortunately for her, everyone loves Hobo. She has her daily rounds, to the park, to the market, to the drunk guy store, to the juice vendor. To the taco stalls in the evening. All within the block. She doesn't cross any main roads, ever.

She's always offered some food, water, a scratch behind the ears or perhaps even a tickled tummy wherever she goes. A man buys her five tacos every evening. She barks and chases off strangers coming into the car park in return. And she hangs around with a group of young lads who have a beer and smoke by their cars. They love her too.

In fact one of them took such a liking to Hobo, that for the last couple of years she's only been a part time street dog. Where once a few of the neighbours took her for shots and check ups at the vet, he gets her seen to. She's regularly washed, and frequently turns up with bizarre hair cuts and ribbons. Maybe a T-Shirt when it's cold. Best of all, she gets a bed indoors each night.

We once considered adopting her, but she was too happy being a Car Park dog. And when she came in our house once, she started drinking from the turtle pool. Not healthy. So we limit our participation in Hobo's life to some occasional left overs, a scratch and maybe even a stick to chase. Or an old oil can. Whatever she turns up with....


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  2. Gary! What a great shot 'n story!

    She looks like my ol' Jo-Jo whom we sadly had to put down not too long ago.

    I love hearing such a story. It is nice to know that she is so loved by so many.


  3. Cheers, I thought you might like it, being a doggy story!